Repair Services

Tire & Tire Repair

By properly aligning, rotating and inflating your tires, we will help you save on gas and future repairs that can be prevented. Triple Service Automotive will inspect for signs of excessive or irregular tire wear. We know precisely what your vehicle requires and we will make certain it is functioning optimally to deliver your piece of mind.

Oil Change, Lubrication & Other Fluids

At Triple Service Automotive, we use high quality oils and lubricants that keep your engine clean and functioning at an optimum rate.

Air Conditioning & Heating Whether

Your air conditioning system needs to be recharged to restore it to optimal efficiency or your heater core is leaking, we can handle any issue regarding climate control. Your vehicle’s climate control systems are crucial in not only your vehicle’s well-being, but your own.

Alignment, Steering & Suspension

We align your wheels so that there is less resistance and friction from the road. Many people are unaware that when a vehicle’s wheels are not properly aligned, it has to work that much harder to operate and move. This results in more fuel being burned than necessary. In addition, there is more wear on the vehicle’s tires and strain on the vehicle overall.

Brakes Overtime

Your vehicle’s brakes wear out which reduces its stopping power. This of course diminishes your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Cooling System

The cooling system is a system of parts and fluid that work together to control an engine’s operating temperature for optimal performance. We ensure your cooling system is in tiptop shape and proper working order.

Rim Repair and Refinishing

Triple Service Automotive will make certain that your damaged rims will look like brand new. Don’t neglect minor damages as these can advance into more problematic issues in the future.

Electrical & Batteries

Your vehicle’s electrical system is critical in getting you where you need to go. The battery is considered the heart of the electrical system and transfery chemical energy into electrical energy to get your vehicle operating. Some signs your vehicle’s electrical system is not in proper functioning order include:

Accessories and Enhancements

We offer an array of products to enhance your enjoyment of your vehicle in terms of its aesthetics and/or functionality.

Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems should be inspected regularly as leaks can be hazardous and must be fixed immediately. We offer exhaust heat management to reduce the amount of exhaust heat radiated out from the exhaust pipe and components. This is an effective way to protect your exhaust system from wear and tear which will ultimately save you money.

Service Recommendations

S = Severe or Safety. The repair should be performed immediately.

R = Recommended. The repair should be performed at the earliest convenient date.

A = Advise. The condition will be brought to your attention and should be monitored to avoid future problems.

Estimating Process

We will always explain in detail the precise repairs that your vehicle requires and the reasoning behind it. At Triple Service Automotive, we want our customers to be well informed so that they can make educated decisions regarding the health of their vehicle. Our expert technicians will review your invoice with you in order for you to understand exactly what automotive service was performed and where charges are coming from. We understand that reliability and trust are crucial to you and we want nothing more than for you to feel confident in our pricing and services.

The technician assigned to your vehicle will gladly answer any questions you may have. We are always seeking to ensure our clients receive the finest service and quality, so if we have failed to meet your expectations in any way, please inform us. At Triple Service Automotive, our clients come first. It is our goal to offer consistent satisfaction to customers and to continuously improve our services.